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Who's Next?

A simple question with a poll right in the middle for interaction! The audience chooses the team!


Vectorize and Posterize.

Clean up that sketch with the pen tool and put it in a visually striking environment for stories (before tiktok) and ask again.. who's next?


A Sketch is Born.

My process is simpler than most, I have a background in studio art and don't tend to get stuck on concepts for too long before I land on something I like.





What started as a challenge to myself in 2019 to create one logo a day, turned into a dynamic range of new artistic abilities that I use regularly in my professional career in both sports and freelance work.

I honed my skills and pushed myself to work at an even faster pace while keeping quality high and producing on a daily basis. Below is a glimpse at that process.

I've created over 150 logos in that process, and gained the attention of companies such as Rare Design who I'm now under contract with, helping develop identities for major league sports teams.


Posting this to the feed with an incentive to vote was top priority when I was starting out, I gave my audience 4 'games' each day! 

Game Day: Who's Playing?

This was the format for all my stories, one typeface was used for all teams to keep up with one logo per day. This particular format was the go-to for the poll, I'd put it right between the logos for people to vote!

Story Time...

Time to update the bracket! Showcasing the percentages of the vote as "scores" for the teams playing that day was a fun way to show the audience who was moving on!

Alright, Who Won?


While I wanted to keep a similar format I wanted to clean up the game day graphics with some more brand oriented material for the "Mascot League" since things were ramping up in my interactions!

Game Day Update

I really liked this look and wanted to keep it moving forward with changes more to the jerseys in the later rounds! Teams in the top 12 and then top 6 would be awarded jersey designs and extra content!

No Big Changes Here

This was easy to edit as a template but now didn't match the look of the updated cleaner style game day graphics! So it was time for a change during round 3.

Or Here!


We've made it through the bulk of the teams and are now on to the last round before the "Capital 12" So I decided to ramp up the game day graphics with some help from a friend's business of mockups "Webpixum."

Two Games Per Day

A lot of people reached out by this point and were really enjoying the format so I made sure to keep this the same throughout the series.

Keeping it Rolling

With two games it came time to update the paper card to something more in tune with the graphics I was posting to the main feed, but I switched up the use of color to showcase the scores in a more unique way!

Shifting Up the Scorecard



Time to create a 100 team bracket challenge and have my audience vote on their favorites!

The Capital 12 is here and they get City Edition Jerseys based on their local cities history!

The Stately Six evolved one step further into more mockups for each team featured! Interaction is high as ever!


A top contender and a fan favorite throughout the series. I personally feel the original logo is better than what I created and will eventually revisit the concept for myself!

The Huskies Take the Ring!

Not quite as elaborate as the rings you see in the NBA but in similar fashion to the logos I made it in one day! I will definitely be revisiting this series one day!


A surprise runner up in the heat of the competition! I changed their logo to feel like more of a mixture of an english dragon with a dragon from Japan/Asian mythos.

The Ruckus is the finale! After the stately six I envisioned a tropic enviornment and landed on the "Space Coast" of Florida with a Saturn style Basketball icon to indicate the ring the teams were playing for!

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