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I designed two skateboard decks for Outer Banks Boarding Company.

Atlantic Graveyard was a design/logo I came up

with to represent the Outer Banks' History.





When doing research on my old home town, the Outer Banks, I found that blackbeard and other pirates had a history there. While familiar with the island/peninsula there were many ships that sank before the lighthouses were made. So I thought the nickname was a great base to create a logo.

The deck was made in a series within their house collection, around 200 boards, and sold out within about 2 months.


This design was literally the first piece of graphic design I ever created and it remains in my portfolio because it was also the first piece I did that sold in a skate shop.

I hand drew the elements on a wacom tablet and added in a typeface I had seen other skate brands use at the time.

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