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I am teamed up with an established brand to make t-shirts designs and decals/slap stickers.

I needed a business title and started working under the name 'Xeno MFG' as a licensed business. I chose the name due to it being the latin prefix for 'foreign.' Most of the car culture I cater to have foreign cars or love cars from foreign countries.

I made the logo type to be balanced, yet stand out.

I later rebranded myself and my design to Davisco, but I keep this business title as a means to one day establish it as a clothing brand in the skate industry.


Prompt: "Addicted to Details"


DressUp Bolts is a company that specializes in titanium hardware for cars. So they wanted something that had to do with car culture.

Japan is enormously well known for some of the best cars in car culture today, so after doing more research, I remembered a documentary that I had watched about the Shogun Warriors. The blacksmiths at the time made the katanas and armor for the soldiers with painstaking precision.

I guess you could say the Japanese were Addicted to Details.

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